"In a panel on diversity in comedy, the panelists emphasized how they sought to push the envelope toward diverse and honest representation in their work...Melissa Mickens, the creator of “Shampagne,” pointed out that she was able to decide to choose a cast and crew entirely composed of people of color. 

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Shampagne | Raynbow Magazine
Shampagne | LADYPOINTS | #FilmmakerFriday
Creator Melissa Mickens Talks About Diversity 
Shampagne | Curves.Courage.Curls.Couture.Christ

“M, … decides to embrace the roles she is offered.  On her [Melissa’s] YouTube Channel she so eloquently highlights how rap was created from the black community… and instead of dismissing the roots of black culture that is rap… she embraces it and becomes PagneCham.”-Curves.Courage.Curls.Couture

Shampagne featured on Shantaye Bailley blog

“The web series not only brings to awareness to the issues within the industry, but it brings them about in a way that is relatable for many viewers.”

“...combines comedy with real issues that exist in the industry for people of color.”-A.R.T.S.Y. Magazine

“Shampagne takes the issues surrounding people of color in the industry, breaking it down into small bite-sized virtual episodes. Viewers watch as M goes from timid to determined in order to make her name heard.”

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